Crea Shakthi School of Drama

What’s Covered

The Trainers:

The Sessions over the 8 months covers a range of skills related to the craft of theatre by highly skilled trainers, who themselves are Trinity Grade 8 Distinction & Diploma Holders in Drama & Speech. Our Young trainers are from different walks of life – including Engineers, doctors & Chartered Accountants coming together for spreading the passion of theatre to youngsters.

The Sessions:

Sessions per batch are an hour – once every week depending on the timetable of the centre the student chooses. It is a homogeneous bunch with a co-ordinator for each batch which aims to provide quality theatre based learning solutions with an approved and systematic grammar to the craft to youngsters in the age group of 6 to 14.

The batches are divided into the following;

Junior (Foundation) – Student of Classes 1 to 3- here we cover basic theatrical elements of Body Language & Voice modulation, content to form exercises that breaks the ice, simulations/improvisations to kindle the imaginations ,storytelling, property & set making including special sessions on shadow puppetry and folk arts. Students find themselves feeling a lot more open to people around them, more confident and energetic and of course busting the myth that theatre is too hard a form.

Initiation Grade: This course generally covers Trinity Grade 1 onwards
Middle (Intermediate) – Student of Classes 4 to 6 students delve into creative writing and content development for stage with our facilitators providing an impetus to allow the students to tell their own stories. Discussions, debate, exchange of ideas and on spot improvisations are encouraged. Page to stage modules are created where stories in book form are made more interesting for the stage. Advanced theatre games and concepts are also introduced at this level.

Initiation Grade: This course generally covers Trinity Grade 2 onwards
Senior level (Advanced)–Students of Classes 7 & aboveBrief History of theatre & its roots, theory on various forms & Styles – introduction to various such styles with guest lectures, backstage support at our shows, critiquing of plays provided and read – the senior level (advanced) program aims.

Initiation Grade: This course generally covers Trinity Grade 3 onwards uptil Grade 8

The Batch Size:

We do not entertain more than 20 students per batch, without exceptions and all on first come first serve basis.

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