Crea Shakthi School of Drama


1. Improves Concentration & focus:

In this highly distracted environment that we live in, this course offers a streamlined yet fun way to focus on the curriculum on hand – without the child having to take it in through just the textbook.

2. Scope for imagination & thinking:

It drastically improves the child’s scope to think about the topic how to write a philosophy term paper provided and also engage and question the concept.

3. Fun Learning:

Reduces aversion to any topic that may have created a mindblock towards the lessons/subject/what the script discusses.

4. Overall Skill Development:

Theatre has a way of touching upon all types of skills including Cognitive, Social & Emotional, Physical, Language & sensorial

5. Different types of Learners:

Its activities allows all types of learners to grasp the content in manner of their choosing scientifically be it Kinesthetic, Auditory or Visual in its interpretation of context or character. Therefore, it allows for finding what kind of learner is your child – which are points they should work on and what are their inherent strengths.

6.Management & Personality Development:

Running a show, calling the shots and putting it all together requires steely focus and a wayof managing things – it also fosters leadership qualities, patience & tolerance towards others, humility, understanding, amicable differences of opinion, healthy debate among other must have’s for life!

7. Joy of Performance & International Certification:

The Trinity Assessment provides a cherry on already big enough cake with it being recognized for credits under the UCAS Tariff Scheme for Foreign universities and also for Extra Curricular Quota for admissions in Indian Universities. Apart from that, there is the exhilarating joy of performing that totally brings out the best in everyone!

The Bard did say – Life is a Stage! And everyone on it are its Players! фриланс подработкаскачать бесплатно приложения в контактеok google gmail почта